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Jan Durkajweb developer, adventurer, and amateur photographer

I'm an experienced web developer passionate about front-end development. I'm an adaptable team player with expertise in web usability, user experience, and accessibility. I'm fluent in English, Spanish, and Slovak.

It's my pleasure I could work with

  • Annie Sloan
  • AppScenic
  • H2O Creative Communications
  • Packy Advertising
  • Comenius University
  • Unipart Group
  • Vixio Regulatory Intelligence
  • Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras

My latest web projects

Take a look at my recent creations, which combine artistic flair with cutting-edge innovation. These projects showcase my passion for pushing boundaries, ranging from groundbreaking tech ventures to beautifully crafted marvels.

Jan Durkaj


How I Built My New Personal Website

jandurkaj.dev is a personal website that supports multiple languages. It is built using Next.js 13 and its new App router.



In Pursuit of the Modern UX/UI

AppScenic is a dropshipping platform that connects retailers with leading suppliers worldwide.

Vixio Regulatory Intelligence


WordPress unleashed with roots.io

Vixio, marketing site for GamblingCompliance and PaymentsCompliance platforms.

Jan's expertise in frontend development was invaluable to AppScenic. He played a crucial role in integrating modern Tailwind components into the dashboard, enhancing its visual appeal and improving user-friendliness.


Strengths - Explore the unique set of skills that define my expertise

I always felt that visual feedback is necessary for me to be satisfied with my work. That's why I've always been interested in user interface and user interaction, even though I specialized in artificial intelligence at university.

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  • Full-stack development. Usually, PHP-based applications powered by the WordPress CMS, with development superpowers provided by the folks at Roots.io, data migrations, SEO, site performance optimization and others.
  • Front-end development. Whenever it is possible, modern Vanilla JavaScript is the way to go. Whenever heavy lifting is required, React.js and Next.js are my trusted companions.
  • Design and UX/UI. Working alongside designers for many years has always been of interest to me. Using various tools such as Adobe Suite, Figma, Sketch, and InVision, I have deepened my knowledge and expanded my curiosity in this field.
  • Photography. Is my passion, love, hobby, and escape from the reality where I can freely unleash my creativity.

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